New LoveJoy EP – Sneak Peek

A few days ago Will, the lead singer of LoveJoy, gave us a sneak peak of LoveJoy’s new EP which claims to be finished at the end of September/ start of October. and I am buzzing.

During his twitch stream a few days ago will decided to give all LoveJoy’s many fans an insight on what the new EP is going to sound like and the vibes are already immaculate. He played the first 30 seconds of two songs and it sent the chat wild.

LoveJoy are relatively new on the scene with their first EP being released in June. Prior to this Will Gold who is the lead singer of the band had his own personal music he released, Despite being new they’ve excelled massively. With millions of streams on their first EP “Are You Alright?” this second one has big boots to fill. Their top steamed song is “One Day” which is a Wombats/Los Campensinos! inspired tune that is severely addicting. Most songs on “Are You Alright?” have featured on many popular playlist’s on Spotify such as “Today’s Indie Rock” , “*hits different*” and “Gaming Lounge”

Fan seemed very happy about this sneak peek and it became a trending topic on twitter:

loving the memes omg

As you can see the LoveJoy stans are HYPED and so am I. Very excited to see what’s to come and to hear more of what LoveJoy has to offer us. I guarantee its going to be good. I’m putting a lot of faith in these sneak peeks.

Here is the clip of the sneak peek.

credit to user: DREAMSMP VOD’s

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