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  • Dear Mum… (part 13)
    13 years, how time flies! Every year gets harder and easier at the same time. My memories of you are slowly fading, every year I forget a little more about you. I don’t know whether it’s the trauma of losing you or just my bad memory. Your little Ben turns 18 this year, you’d be […]
  • quick little thought dump
    Quick little brain vomit, been reflecting on some stuff over the past few days. Life really just likes to screw you over and makes the chemicals in your brain broken. Mine has been broken for as long as I can remember. Although, I don’t remember much from my teenage years because of this. Who knew […]
  • Dear Mum,
    Every year I write a letter to my dead mum, heres 2022’s. You cant find the others because they got deleted and I cant be bothered to upload them but this one is the least depressing so 🙂
  • Pebble Brain – New Lovejoy EP
    Lovejoy have released their second EP! Largely inspired by the likes of The wombats and Two Door Cinema Club they’ve nailed the Indie Rock sound on the head.
  • The Top 5: TV Shows that got me through University
    University was a struggle and a half. The pressure of doing well at University just made me not want to do any of the work so I started to fill my time doing other things whether that was drinking or watching shows. I have a lot of favourite tv shows but there’s a few that were a staple to my university life.
  • New LoveJoy EP – Sneak Peek
    A few days ago Will, the lead singer of LoveJoy, gave us a sneak peak of LoveJoy’s new EP which claims to be finished at the end of September/ start of October. and I am buzzing. During his twitch stream a few days ago will decided to give all LoveJoy’s many fans an insight on […]
  • 22 years on this earth. What have I learnt?
    It was the year 1999. My mum was 19 and pregnant with her third child. On the 25th May she gave birth to me. Three days before her 20th birthday. Now 22 years later and we’re here! What a life it has been! There’s we so many ups and so many downs but I finally made […]
  • The Top 5: Albums that shaped me as a person
    This post is all about the 5 albums that shaped me into the person I am today!
  • Grief
    It’s 3:30 am on a Monday. I’m sat here just staring into the void and thinking about what could have been and how my life would’ve panned out differently if my mum was still with us today. It pains me everyday she’s not here to see me accomplish milestones. She never got to see me […]
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