• Dear Mum… (part 13)

    13 years, how time flies! Every year gets harder and easier at the same time. My memories of you are slowly fading, every year I forget a little more about you. I don’t know whether it’s the trauma of losing you or just my bad memory. Your little Ben turns 18 this year, you’d be…

  • Dear Mum,

    Every year I write a letter to my dead mum, heres 2022’s. You cant find the others because they got deleted and I cant be bothered to upload them but this one is the least depressing so :)

  • Grief

    It’s 3:30 am on a Monday. I’m sat here just staring into the void and thinking about what could have been and how my life would’ve panned out differently if my mum was still with us today. It pains me everyday she’s not here to see me accomplish milestones. She never got to see me…